Rap it Legal: A Mix of Legal Topics

Yo, listen up, I got some legal knowledge to drop
Sit back, relax, and let the rhymes pop
From Iowa to LA, we got laws to know
So get ready to flow with the legal show

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With medical marijuana in Iowa, the laws are tight
But with the right info, things will be alright
When buying a car, check the sales contract
Make sure it’s airtight, with no room for impact

If you’re a nurse, you need an employment deal
To protect your rights, and make sure it’s real
In LA, legal ethics are the way to go
Follow them closely, and you’ll be good to show

When signing a license for Rocket League fun
Make sure to read it all, not just on the run
Legal guardianship in Washington, a serious task
Make sure it’s done right, no need to wear a mask

Buying a horse? There’s a contract for that
Covering all angles, just like in a hat
The principle of legality in constitutional law
A cornerstone of justice, with no flaws

Legal ethics MCLE, it’s all about conduct
Following the rules, no need to deduct
Christian legal services for the faithful heart
They’ll guide you through, right from the start