Our History

Em’s House Foundation was inspired by the life and untimely death of the youngest daughter of our founder, Beckie Watson.

Em struggled with mental health and addiction issues through much of her teen years. Despite these challenges, she selflessly gave her time and meager resources to those in need. It was not uncommon for Em to use her last dollars to buy food for the homeless or literally give the shirt off her back to someone who needed it.

When Em died tragically of an accidental drug overdose at the age of 20, our founder was determined to find a way to honor Em’s giving spirit and to help the community.

In 2021 Beckie met Frank and Sherri Candelario of Kate’s House Foundation. They shared their vision of ending housing insecurity by providing their model of recovery homes with her. Frank and Sherri believed that you could provide a home where everyone learns to live together, manages a bank account, has a job and gets an education. The houses would be run by a set of national standards and these homes would help people to reclaim their lives.

Beckie knew this model was the best way to honor her daughter and to help end housing insecurity for those in need, and Em’s House Foundation was created.

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