Our Mission And Vision

Our Mission

The miracle of Em’s House Foundation began with the mission
to end housing insecurity for veterans and others in recovery by
providing safe, affordable and compassionate transition homes.

By placing men and women in great homes in safe
neighborhoods, Em’s House Foundation has created a paradigm
shift on how to change the trajectory of an individual’s life story.

Our houses are the ideal homes for healing and recovery through
mutual support, education, compassion and kindness. We help
our residents become self-sufficient and build confidence.

Em’s House Foundation is committed to compassionate and
medically-assisted treatment practices for recovery. We look at
the needs of each individual.

We are more than a safe space—we are a community. We take a
proactive approach and focus on group unity through healthy
activities, house meetings and shared responsibilities to help our
residents establish bonds with one another.


Our Vision

Sometimes people need a second chance. Em’s House
Foundation was formed to give a hand up to those who are
dedicated to reclaiming their lives. Having a safe, stable place
to live—something many of us take for granted—allows our
residents to focus on recovery and moving forward. It is a
powerful gift.

By purchasing great houses in good, safe neighborhoods, we
are eliminating housing insecurity. Our good neighbor policy
helps to build great communities.

Our homes are resident centered and designed to meet
national accreditation standards.

Em’s House provides the ideal home for healing and

Getting Started is Easy

Sometimes the first step is hard. We make it friendly and easy.

Just fill out our quick online application to determine your eligibility.