Our Model


We buy homes in great and safe neighborhoods.
Our houses operate with well defined rules and
structure to provide security and stability for all
residents. Residents learn teamwork and mutual
support skills. The end result is safety.


Our life stories are a basis for greatness. By using
self-awareness as a tool for our residents, 
they learn to write a new life story. We are proponents
of higher education, becoming financially independent,
gaining new skills and personal growth.


Compassion includes self-compassion and kindness.
We model these values. By creating a model of
secure housing, we develop trust.


Our homes are placed in locations that provide
ready access to medical, psychosocial and
educational help. All the homes are placed near
public transportation and shopping to help broaden
the scope of access.

Getting Started is Easy

Sometimes the first step is hard. We make it friendly and easy.

Just fill out our quick online application to determine your eligibility.